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Argo Corn Starch (35 oz.) Pack Of 2


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About this item

  • 100% pure corn starch
  • Convenient resealable packaging
  • To thicken gravies, sauces, stews, or soups, use one tbsp of Argo Corn Starch in place of two tbsp flour
  • Safe for gluten-free cooking
  • Cornstarch can also be a natural deodorizer throughout the home

Product details

For hot liquids, combine ARGO Cornstarch with cold liquid. Add mixture to boiling or near boiling liquid. Stir until thickened. 1 Tbsp. thickens approx. 1 cup of liquidARGO Cornstarch – 35oz

  • Thickening agent for food
  • No mess
  • Resealable


Add a touch of gourmet to your meals simply by using Argo® Corn Starch (35 oz.). This 100% pure corn starch is a favorite kitchen tool for professional and home chefs who need a thickening agent for their cuisine that is quick and effective.

About Argo Corn Starch

This canister holds 35-ounces, or more than two-pounds’ worth, of pure corn starch. It’s produced by Argo, a brand that has been trusted in homes across the country for more than 100 years. Corn starch is used in residential and commercial kitchens for thickening stews, sauces, pie filling and gravies. Use one tablespoon of Argo starch in place of two tablespoons of flour when cooking your sauces and you will have a thickened and smooth consistency every time. The corn starch powder comes in a plastic tub that helps prevent storage and keep the corn starch fresher for longer. It’s shelf stable, so simply place in your pantry and use when needed.

Is This Corn Starch Powder Gluten Free?

Yes! Argo starch is gluten free, so it can be used in place of regular flours when thickening a gluten-free dish. While some gluten-free flours are pricy and hard to find, Argo maintains an economical price and versatility that is usually hard to come by.

What Else Can I Do with Argo Corn Starch?

Corn starch isn’t just for making rich and tasty sauces, pastes and gravies. This convenient and versatile product is capable of so much more! Here are some of our favorite uses for Argo Corn Starch:

  • Make paint mix for kids – Mix corn starch with water, bring to a boil, let thicken and set aside to cool. Separate into a few small bowls and mix with food color. You’ll have homemade finger paints to keep kids busy for hours!
  • Freshen carpets – Before vacuuming, sprinkle corn starch lightly over carpets. Wait a half hour and vacuum. The corn starch will soak in unwanted aromas and leave your carpets ultra-fresh.
  • Dry shampoo for your dog – Rub corn starch into the fur of your beloved dog and brush. The dry corn starch “shampoo” will deodorize their coats for longer between grooming appointments.

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