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ICE BREAKERS Wintergreen Sugar-Free Mint Candy Tin (1.5 oz.)


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About this item

  • Keep a container of delectable Wintergreen mints in the car, a pocket or a drawer for instant minty refreshment
  • Sugar-free ICE BREAKERS mints with flavor crystals and a fresh Wintergreen taste in a tin perfect for easy sharing and lasting freshness
  • Enjoy sugar-free breath mints at birthday parties, anniversary dates and other events where fresh breath is a must
  • Freshen your breath when the need arises with the minty flavor of ICE BREAKERS Wintergreen breath mints with cooling crystals
  • Place tins of ICE BREAKERS Wintergreen Mints strategically around the house or office to freshen everyone’s breath and keep your mouth and nose happy


Keep your breath fresh with ICE BREAKERS Wintergreen breath mints. These sugar-free mints are packed with Wintergreen cooling crystals and placed in a convenient tin, so you can keep your taste buds busy no matter where the day takes you. Enjoy a cool, classic Wintergreen flavor with no added sugar. Keep a container in your desk drawer at the office, the glove compartment in your car and the pantry at home for instant minty refreshment anytime you or your loved ones need it. Each compact container of ICE BREAKERS mints will stay closed until you’re ready thanks to a handy snap-close lid, which can dispense just one mint if you’re flying solo or several at a time if you’re in the sharing mood. Make sure you have enough for Christmas stockings, Valentine’s Day party favors, Easter baskets, trick-or-treat bags and work meetings throughout the year that call for the freshest breath.

How Many Calories Per Ice Breakers Mints, Wintergreen?

Icebreakers Mints Wintergreen candy has less than five calories per mint. Each 1.5-ounce container of wintergreen mints has approximately 425 mints. Using sugar substitutes reduces the overall calories by 40% from 3 calories per mint to two calories.

Are the Ice Breakers Mints Sugar-Free?

Ice Breakers brand mints are all sugar-free. These breath mints contain sorbitol, maltitol, artificial flavoring, magnesium stearate, gum acacia, soy lecithin and artificial color. They are sweetened with aspartame, specifically phenylketonurics. Anyone with allergies to any of these ingredients should not consume these breath mints.

How Do Ice Breakers Mints, Wintergreen Cure Bad Breath?

Ice Breakers contain a substance known as Neutrazin, which is a combination of ingredients. They work together to help neutralize bad breath and kill harmful bacteria that may be part of the underlying cause.

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