Member’s Mark Colombian Instant Coffee (12 oz.)


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15 in stock

About this item

  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • 99.7% caffeine-free
  • Genuine and intense flavour
  • Fresh, handpicked beans
  • Sourced from small coffee growers in Colombia

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fresh, handpicked Arabica beans, our instant coffee is sourced directly from 500,000 small coffee growers—all part of the Colombian Coffee Federation. Once picked, the beans are gently roasted, freeze concentrated and dried to create an incredible instant coffee. Enjoy it black or with cream and sugar, or use it to make refreshing iced coffee drinks.


When you want a rich-tasting cup of coffee without the wait, try this Member’s Mark Colombian Instant Coffee. It offerss an intense aroma, profound body, balanced acidity and matchless taste.

This coffee is made from handpicked 100% Colombian arabica beans in association with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, the world’s leading and biggest NGO on the globe. Once the beans are picked, they are delicately roasted and freeze dried, to create a memorable and natural instant coffee.

Member’s Mark delivers a cup of coffee that delights the senses. Enjoy it either black or with cream and sugar. You may also want to try this instant coffee in iced coffee beverages, or use it to add coffee flavor your baked goods.

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