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Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks (8 lbs.)


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10 in stock

About this item

  • Milk-Bone treats in chicken, bacon, sausage, beef and turkey flavors
  • Special crunchy texture helps freshen breath and clean teeth
  • Packed with 12 vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy
  • Small size puppy treats are ideal for any size or breed of dog


Milk-Bone® Flavor Snacks (8 lbs.) offer the same vitamin enrichment and teeth cleaning properties as Milk-Bone Original biscuits but come in five flavors perfect for your pet. With an assortment of flavors, even picky dogs are likely to find a flavor they love. These puppy treats are small in size, so they can be offered to dogs of any size or breed.

What are the Flavors of Milk-Bone Flavor Snacks?

There are five different flavors of Milk-Bone dog treats in flavors dogs go crazy for. Each box of Milk-Bone treats includes beef, turkey, chicken, bacon, and sausage flavors so you can switch things up and keep your dog engaged during training or everyday life. These treats won’t get old like other treats that come in a single flavor.

Delectable Treats to Please Your Pet

Each box of Milk-Bone dog treats contains more than 300 treats, making it easy to stay stocked and keep treats nearby no matter where you are. Toss your dog a treat when training or offer a few Milk-Bone dog treats as a reward for a long day by your side. If your pet loves Milk-Bone Original treats, these offer the same high-quality ingredients in new flavors for your four-legged friend.

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