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Red Bull Energy (20oz / 12pk)


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10 in stock

About this item

  • Made with caffeine, taurine, B-Group vitamins, sucrose and glucose
  • Can help increase focus and concentration
  • Individually marked for resale
  • Each can is 100% recyclable


Red Bull Energy Drink can help you regain focus and perform at the highest level. And since there’s so many in one box, you can even share with a friend. This item is also ideal for restocking concession stands, convenience stores and vending machines. And if you want to keep your refrigerator full of refreshing energy drinks, this is a fantastic selection.

Why Use Red Bull Energy Drink?

Red Bull makes this energy drink with a crisp, bold flavor that countless people adore. Each can is only 20 oz., so you can comfortably carry one in your backpack while you’re walking through the park or traversing the nearest jungle. When you’re feeling thirsty and need to recharge, gulping this can replenish your energy levels so that you can continue. This drink is suitable for workaholics, rock stars, students and everyone in between.

Is a Red Bull Energy Drink Healthy?

One can of Red Bull is full of vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain good health. Each serving includes niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and more. It also includes caffeine, which can offer numerous health benefits. A Red Bull Energy Drink contains 0g of total fat and only 110 calories.

Who Makes Red Bull Energy Drink?

Back in 1987, an Austrian entrepreneur named Dietrich Mateschitz was inspired to create a new energy drink. So, after collaborating with a business partner, he founded Red Bull GmbH in Thailand and introduced the Red Bull Energy Drink to the public. Since then, Red Bull has become enormously popular. In addition to producing high-quality products, the company is also committed to reducing its environmental footprint and protecting the environment.

Red Bull Energy Drink Recipes

Although you can chug one and savor its flavor, you can use a Red Bull Energy Drink to create delicious snacks and beverages as well. For example, if you’re making a protein shake or fruit smoothie, feel free to add this to enhance the flavor. And if you’re fond of creating popsicles at home, this can be an excellent choice. Additionally, Red Bull pairs well with a variety of dishes and desserts that people enjoy. Serving this at BBQs or parties can be satisfying for many people.

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