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Três Pontas Coffee, Medium Roast (80 ct.)


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Sourced from a Single Family Farm in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Small Batch roasting for optimal flavor and farm to cup freshness. 100% Arabica beans grown at high altitude.


The best coffee experience was born in the shadows of the Três Pontas mountains in Brazil with the benefits of using fair-trade standards. Our premium-select, single origin coffee is named Três Pontas out of respect for the ideal geographical requirements for coffee bean cultivation in Brazil and the single-farm source we use that resides there. Using 100-percent pure premium Brazilian Arabica coffee beans, Três Pontas provides the freshest product on the market with farm-to-cup quality while being socially responsible and improving the lives of growers on the farm and in the community growing the beans. All of our coffee beans are bought directly from individual coffee farmers, with no middlemen, brokers, distributors or wholesalers. We pay these farms a premium price to provide a better life for their workers and families.

You will appreciate the quality control and unique flavors that result from human interaction in every stage of coffee processing. The Três Pontas brand is proud that our Arabica coffee beans are grown, harvested and processed according to the highest standards and carefully reviewed to ensure that only the best beans make the cut. Machines are frequently employed during roasting. But, machines have no senses. They work on a timer. They can’t see, smell or build on the years of experience it takes to master the delicate roasting process. All of Três Pontas’ beans are roasted by hand in small batches, a labor-intensive method that provides the unique flavor profile in each bag that you, the gourmet coffee enthusiast, deserve. Coffee flavor profiles vary by regional origin, but generally Brazilian Arabica coffee’s taste has dark chocolate, caramel, and smoky notes. Três Pontas is third-party verified Non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project and certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union to ensure safety and quality. Want to see where your coffee comes from? Every package of Três Pontas coffee contains a QR code, that when scanned provides a satellite view of the farm.

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